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Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat

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Preparing quality food is among the most caring things we can do for ourselves and the people we love. That's why Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat is packed with recipes for food that you can eat every day, along with easy tips to make sure it takes as little time as possible to get healthy, delicious food into your well-deserving mouth. If you count meals and snacks, we feed ourselves about 28 times each week. All of the Well Fed recipes—made with zero grains, legumes, soy, sugar, dairy, or alcohol—were created so you can enjoy your food every time.

The two essential tricks for happy, healthy eating are being prepared and avoiding boredom. Well Fed explains how to get in the habit of a Weekly Cookup so that you have ready-to-go food for snacks and meals every day. It will also show you how to make Hot Plates, a mix-and-match approach to combining basic ingredients with spices and seasonings to take your taste buds on a world tour. The recipes are as simple as possible, without compromising taste, and they've been tested extensively to minimize work and maximize flavor.

Every recipe is shown alongside a full-color photo and an introduction about why that particular recipe is a keeper. Along with ingredients and detailed directions, each recipe also includes variations—called “You Know How You Could To That”—and serving suggestions to make complete paleo meals.

Food feeds our bodies and fuels our training, but it also nourishes our spirit. Melissa grew up in a food family: her dad owned a restaurant and her mom won just about every cooking contest she entered. They are also a melting pot family—Lebanese on Dad’s side, Italian and Slovak on Mom’s. From the time Mel could shove food into her mouth,she was eating kibbeh and eggplant parmesan. In addition to learning how to make pancakes in the morning, she picked up tricks for making baba ghanoush for dinner. The recipes in Well Fed reflect her affection for traditional cuisine and for foods with contrasting flavors and textures. Foods that taste like home.
All but one of the recipes are officially Whole30 approved. Melissa and Dallas Hartwig of the Whole30 wrote the foreword for Well Fed. And even better, they’ve given all of the Well Fed recipes (except for one dessert: Peach Almond Crisp) their stamp of approval for happy eating during participation in the Whole30 program. 

With 115+ original recipes and variations, this book will help you see that paleo eating, too often defined by what you give up, is really about what you'll gain: health, vitality, a light heart, and memorable meals to be shared with the people you love.

Well Fed has more than 1100 5-star reviews on and appeared on the Wall Street Journal best sellers list.
"Well Fed is more than just a cookbook—it's the definitive resource for every Paleo chef (and aspiring chef)... This more-than-a-cookbook book has the potential to revolutionize your food-life..." — Melissa Hartwig, New York Times bestselling author and co-creator of the Whole30 program
I swear, Melissa is a Paleo M.F.K. Fisher. – Michelle Tam, New York Times best selling author of Nom Nom Paleo: Food For Humans
“I literally own every “paleo” cookbook available on Amazon. I wish I had [Well Fed] when I was just getting started. It is the very best of my whole collection… Every recipe WORKS…. I have never reviewed any of the many books I have purchased from Amazon, but this author deserves a shout out. Her writing style is authentic and engaging, and the information she shares is fresh and useful… I will be buying multiple copies today so I can gift them to some very lucky people.” – AnitaB

Thank you so much for your recipes… Yours is the only paleo food blog with flavor profiles that indicate you had an understanding of cooking prior to cleaning up your diet, and I am loving it! – Katie

I am a bad cook. However, I used your recipe for the Creamy Spice Market Kale and it tasted like something that someone else made. That is one of the highest compliments that I can write. GREAT flavor! Thanks. – Dara

I just wanted to say I recently discovered your AWESOME recipes since my family went about 90% paleo. Every single thing of yours I have made so far has been DELISH! Just wanted to say thanks, and keep them coming! – Allyson

I’m writing to thank you for sharing all of your fantastic recipes. Our fav (so far) is the Italian Sausage & Eggplant Strata. I can’t wait to get home for lunch and have a slice. My husband and I are on Day 30 of our very first Whole30. Your recipes and blog were/are so helpful and inspirational! We’re going to keep going. – Susan




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